About Us


Hey, you. 

Thanks for passing by! 

You're probably wondering what Curious Curations is all about, so here we are telling our story. 

Curious Curations first started out as a passion project based in Quezon City, Philippines. Our young founder loved the appeal of interesting, quirky, and useful items that were both simple yet had a unique appeal.

Whenever he would come across a trinket, decor, or gadget that would catch his eye, his curiosity would get the best of him and would inevitably lead to the purchase of whatever he fancied.

This formed a curation of hundreds of different items ranging from jade Balinese necklaces to bright neon LED letter lights all displayed in his humble abode. Visitors would often come to his home and marvel at all the different displays, each item with a unique compelling story of its own. 

Seeing as how his eccentric collection captivated his audience, he sought out to find a way to put the products he finds interesting out there for others to see and experience, thus the birth of Curious Curations. 

Curious Curations is a reflection of our founder's interest in things that he believed would capture one's curiosity or help its users in the most unique ways possible. As a result of his vision, our small team curates the most interesting items it finds and makes it possible for us to bring them to your doorstep.